PLR Private Label Rights Monthly

From: Daniel Sumner and Dave Nicholson

Subject: Using Private Label Rights Products to Massively Increase Your Revenue and Subscribers.

here are three things that need to happen for you to make money in an internet based business. Number One, you need to have a great product for sale. We will INSTANTLY provide you with your own product. Number Two, you need a great sales page that will attract your buyers or subscribers and convert like crazy. We will INSTANTLY provide you with a professionally written sales page. Number Three, you need to convert your prospects to buyers and subscribers. We will INSTANTLY provide you with super high quality graphics and professionally created fresh content that will have your prospects lining up!

"But what do I sell? And What Will Make Me The Most Money?"

Keep reading to find out an answer!

What if we could tell you that the secret to making an additional income, with instant products, was literally at the tips of your fingers? What if we Told You That It’s So Simple? How much would that be worth to you?

Have you ever found yourself working endless amounts of hours, day after day, week after week, wondering when you will ever start to see any rewards for your hard work? Are you tired of shuffling bills around just to make ends meet?

The Solution to all Your Problems, Quite Simply is:
PLR Private Label Rights Monthly

PLR Monthly is the Best PLR Resource Website you could ever want or need, after all we have been established online since 2008! We provide the highest quality and greatest variety of PLR content that you will see anywhere. We provide the highest standards of Top Quality, Private Label packages for all our members, and constantly strive to improve our standards and member benefits at all times.


"This is One Monthly Subscription I Would Never Ever Cancel"

PLR Monthly is different. The first thing I like about it is the way you guys have actually thought about what your members will do with the content you provide.

Most PLR sites will say "there you go, here's your content, now go make some money" and leave the member confused, they ultimately fail and then people tarnish all PLR sites with the same brush. Well PLR Monthly is different!

With PLR monthly not only do you get quality, fresh, unique, original, never seen before content, but you also get tutorials showing you how to use the content provided. As well as full support.

Also, the fact you are providing everything you need to start selling this material on eBay is a real winner and this feature alone is worth the price of membership. But then add the bonuses, extra material and full ongoing support and the result is what is probably the best PLR membership site on the net, and you can quote me on that.

John Thornhill.



"Bravo to Both of You Guys"

Excellent work guys. You put a lot of work into creating a service that is both professional (something rare) and simple.

Quality content is a crucial part of a successful Internet business and you made it so easy to get. No more wasting time on creating content nor messing with the problems of outsourcing, like trying to manage a bunch of people. What a headache that is.

Bravo to both of you guys for creating something every marketer needs and making it SIMPLE.

Socrates Socratous.
Internet Marketer, Speaker, Coach


What Exactly Are Private Label Rights?

Private Label Products allow you to be the creator and author of a product which you never even put fingers to your keyboard to create. PLR Monthly gives you Top Quality Products which can earn you an additional income and also build your subscribers.

PLR Monthly's Private Label Material can be edited as you wish, allowing you to start your online business almost instantly. Whatever your business, Private Label Products can be used and sold by you anywhere any time. "Content is King" you must have heard this statement before. If you haven't you will realize it soon!

Sell Them On Their Own Mini Site.
Use the PLR material to create your own mini website and sell your products from there. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.

Add Them to Bigger Packages.
Take 3 or 4 related PLR products and add them to a larger package. This is turn will allow you to sell your package for a much higher price. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.

Convert Them to CD or DVD and Sell Them on Auction Websites.
Place your PLR on a CD with your website links and affiliate links inside and not only create an income from selling your created items on auction websites, also make a massive residual income from the other sources of income. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.

Create a Home Study Course With a Variety of PLR Products and Sell Them For Additional Income.
You can create and sell home study courses with the help of PLR material. Package your Niche Product onto a CD/DVD, box it up with check lists and help manuals and you can create a home study course which you can sell for additional income. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.

Split Your Private Label Into Articles.
Place them on article websites with your website links, mini site links, auction links and generate traffic you never knew existed. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.

Create a Mini Course and Distribute Them to Your Mailing Lists.
Convert your PLR to a mini email course and send it to your subscribers. This really makes PLR work for you. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.

Convert your Products to Physical Books, Print and Sell Them as Your Own.
By converting your PLR to physical books you can them place them on auction websites such as eBay and Amazon and create huge revenue potential. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.

Add Your Affiliate Links to Your PLR.
Add your own affiliate links to your PLR material, which will make a residual income from the affiliate links you have added. By adding your affiliate links and website links to your PLR eBooks and articles and granting resale rights, the viral effect is in place, your eBooks and articles will be around for years earning you and additional income. You CAN Do This With PLR Monthly.

That's Not All, There is Much Much More... So Read On!

Here at PLR Monthly we have a great team of developers. Developing nothing but TOP QUALITY FRESH Private Label content for you. Here is what we will create for YOU every month:

Member Exclusive Training and Tutorials.
Each month we provide you with a full range of text, audio, and video training to help you launch your business to success.
If there is anything that you should be aware of to improve your business, we will teach you exactly how to do it.

Private Label Rights eBooks.
PLR eBooks are Very expensive to develop and hard to find. Top Quality, Private Label Fresh Content has been written for you as we strive to provide the best service possible.

Bonus PLR eBook Per Month.
You can use the bonus PLR eBooks the same way as the package PLR. We supply all you need to get your products ready to sell. We also provide this ebook ready split into articles for you to use as content for your websites.

Mini Website Graphics to Use With All PLR Products.
Use the mini websites and sell your PLR to the public directly from the internet. You can use Paypal or any online banking system to do this and completely automate the process. You can also use the mini sites to build and strengthen your mailing lists.

20 PLR Articles Per Month.
Use your PLR articles with your affiliate links inside to generate you traffic for years to come. Submit them to article directories blog, and content hungry websites to earn your affiliate commissions and a steady influx of traffic.

A Ready To Go Auction Sales Page.
Simply paste the page into eBay and you are done! We host the graphics for you. there is no need for a website hosting service for this one! We also provide you with the prewritten sales page, written by our team of copywriting experts.

Physical CD Graphics.
Use your CD graphics on your auctions and your mini websites. Print the covers to your CD's and sell them as physical items.

Physical DVD Graphics.
Why not advertise your product as a DVD and burn it to a DVD! You can charge more for a DVD than a digital delivery item.

3D eCover Graphics.
Use the eCover graphics for your auctions, your mini sites, your sales letters and your physical printed Book creations.

Header and Footer Graphics.
We provide for you the graphics for your headers and footers for your mini sites and your auctions, which are all professionally prepared by our graphics team.

A PLR Request Service.
This service will give you Mini Sites, Websites, Graphics and PLR eBooks. Terms apply.

Professionally Written Sales Pages.
Our specialized team of copywriters will provide you with professionally written sales copy for all the PLR eBooks we provide. If you were to have a sales page written for you by a professional copywritter the cost could be in the thousands.

Targeted Squeeze Page.
Every month we provide you with a squeeze page targeted on that particular month's niche eBooks. This allows you to build your mailing list from each individual product.



Sell Your PLR eBook As Your Own Ceation.
You can very simply assign your own name to our PLR products, making you you the author. Also assign your own name to the sales material that we provide, and you have an Instant PLR Product ready to go which will generate you income and subscribers for life.

Use PLR Material to Create Professional Study Courses.
Think about the profit potential linked to being able to create special courses that consumers will buy like hot cakes! Double or Even Triple Your income from selling home study courses. Some home study courses sell for as much as $1000. You can sell these courses on auction websites, digital market places and also host them on your own websites. Simply package your PLR along with all the graphics, audio and tools we provide for you and your business is ready to go.

Build Your Mailing List Using Our Pre-made Squeeze Pages.
You can very easily use our pre-made squeeze pages which we supply with every product. This is an instant method for building your mailing list.

Create Free Reports and Give Them to Your Potential Subscribers.
Double the number of newsletter subscribers, by simply by offering content in the form of ‘special reports’ or manuals as bonuses for subscribing to your publication. People love freebies, so give them what they want and watch as your results increase!

Create Your Own eZine, Newsletter or Blog.
Looking for a way to keep a finger on the pulse of the people who are going to your website? What about an additional venue for your readers? Creating your own Blog, ezine or newsletter couldn’t be easier. This is information that consumers want and need and by providing it to them you can Instantly Increase Your Number of Subscribers and Profits!

Create Your Own Mini Email Courses.
You can create an automated cash flow by using content to formulate multi-part email training courses with related website or affiliate links 'sprinkled' throughout each course. Use an auto-responder service to automate the delivery of your training course, such as a 5 part training course delivered over a 5 day period.


"You've Just Made Two $27 Per Month Sites I Use Redundant!"

What to say here ... You've just made two $27 per month sites I use redundant! I don't think the owners will be happy with I've got to be honest, at first glance I just looked at the price and thought to myself, OK it's Dave & Daniel, I'll give it a try but I already have 2 memberships costing me $27 a month for a PLR ebook.

Once inside I was firstly 'Extremely Pleased' with the Quality of the PLR ... and then to get Ebooks, Plus bonuses, Plus articles, etc. etc.... Then to find I get sales pages, graphics, ebay templates and even DVD/CD cover graphics ... Well that consolidated the whole deal for me.

But hey - (I know - I Ramble, you've seen my blog haven't you!!) Seriously guys, I wanted to let you know that you do one thing that will guarantee me posting and recommending you... The Training Guys!! - Amazing! All those videos tutorials, text training tutorials & the bonus items you've included to help people actually USE these products to guarantee their success....

Well you've obviously realised by helping your members succeed you have customers for life! Great Job, I'll be proud to promote PLR Monthly!

Warm Regards as ever,

Randy Smith.



"Phew, It's Kid in a Candy Shop Time!"

Well, well, I wondered where you two had been hiding for months and now I know. Locked away like two hermits in the basement putting all this together.

Dave, Daniel, this really is superb! I can't wait to tell my subscribers about PLR Monthly, they going to be queuing up to grab this! Browsing around the Membership Area I can see that you've gone totally overboard here.

Having known you both for some time now, of course, I knew that you wouldn't be just slinging together a load of articles in a zip file, but I seriously didn't expect you'd be giving the Members complete, ready-to-go-business packages; website graphics, sales pages and product graphics. On top of that, you've gone the extra 5-miles with the auction templates and CD and DVD graphics, not to mention the extra content bonuses and audio content.

Phew, it's kid in a candy shop time! I'm particularly impressed with the tutorials, both written and video, which will be fantastic for newbies who are not quite sure how to get started; this feature alone will ensure that subscribers get every last drop of value from their Membership.

I also love the fact that you're running a Request Service - Members really will be able to have a say in the sort of products they want to sell. Great stuff, boys - this is going to be a smash!

Paula Brett.


One of the most important keys to a successful online business is not JUST having a mailing list or newsletter subscribers, it’s about building a trusting relationship with your subscribers and cultivating your mailing list to gain marketing respect.

By sending informative articles to your list on a regular basis you will Establish Yourself as an Expert on your topic of business, as well as gain the trust of your subscribers over time. As a result, your subscribers will be EAGER to take advantage of your 'paid' products and service offers.

You can also submit ready-made articles to 'content hungry' websites and newsletter publishers with your resource box attached. The resource box, a 3-6 line bio about your and your website along with a link to your site can go a long way towards generating no cost traffic and visitors for you.

Membership Benefit #1

Three “ready to sell” PLR eBooks Every MonthPLR Private Label Rights Monthly.
For every month that you are a member of PLR Monthly, you will receive three “ready to sell” PLR eBooks. Remember that we have done all the work for you. All you have to do is take the books, graphics and sales pages and put it to work for you to begin seeing incredible profit potential.

Stop and think about something for a minute. How long would it take you to add 12 months of whole new niche products to your business each year? How much money would it cost to locate that material and get it ready to sell in a usable format? Quite a substantial amount of time and money!

Here are just a few of the options available to you with these eBooks:

Create Home Study Courses. 

Convert your PLR into a Multi Media Experience With Work Books, DVD's, CD's and Sell Them for Triple the Price of a Digital Download

Sell Them as Ready Made Books.

Create Your Own Personal Content for Massive Money Making potential 

Use Them in eZines and Newsletters

And Much Much More...


With PLR Monthly, you can add a massive amount of products each year to your portfolio. No matter how fast you can work, no matter how much you outsource your business, you cannot generate this amount of top quality material which we provide for you.

Consider the potential of adding all these products to your business in a year without any of the creating! We have already located and researched the PLR material, when you receive them they are ready to use in any way you want!

Membership Benefit #2

Professional Sales Letter PagesPLR Private Label Rights Monthly.
A significant part of any good business plan is the marketing portion. You need a professional sales letter page to drive those profits.

As part of your membership we provide you with professionally designed sales letter pages. Not only do you get professionally designed sales pages, our team of copywriting experts create the sales letter content, to provide you with a complete top quality sales page ready to go.

Membership Benefit #3

Marketing AdvantagesPLR Private Label Rights Monthly.
If you want to market on the internet (and who doesn’t these days) then you need a comprehensive marketing program.

When you join PLR Monthly today, not only will you receive incredible value, but we will also give you all the tools you need to jumpstart your business and get started creating an immediate income stream with courses and tips that are packed with all the information you need to get started right now!
We will provide you with all of the following:

Full Member Support Service.

Written Text tutorials. 

Video Tutorials.

Free Guides to Help your Business Grow.  


We will provide for you all the tools you could possibly need to get your PLR business off the ground!

Membership Benefit #4

Ready To Go eBay Sales Page.PLR Private Label Rights Monthly
PLR Monthly's packages have been geared for you to sell these products on both the internet and auction websites. That is why we provide for you with a ready to go, eBay auction site sales page. The PLR Niche package will allow you to sell the whole eBook multimedia experience to your potential buyer or as single items.

What we provide for you is a hosted, professionally written sales letter page, so all you have to do is place your own listing text into your eBay sales listing page and we do the rest of the work for you. We host all the images and eBay pages to make your selling experience as easy as it possibly could be.

Membership Benefit #5

PLR Private Label Rights MonthlyComplete Set of Professional Graphics.
Some PLR companies will provide you with a few tired and old looking cheap graphics for your PLR, but here at PLR Monthly we take it to the next level.

We will supply you with not only the 3D eBook graphics in multiple super high quality sizes, but the complete graphics package!
We will provide you with all of the following:

Complete Minisite Sales Page Graphics.

DVD Graphics - 3D eCovers, Physical DVD Boxes and Physical DVD Label.

CD Graphics - 3D eCovers, Physical CD Boxes and Physical CD Label.

eBook Graphics - Multiple Graphics.

eBay Sales Page Graphics - Complete Minisite Hosted By Us (copy + paste).

Squeeze Page Graphics For All eBooks.

  All the professionally created graphics you could possibly need every single month. No copies, just fresh graphics made for you as a valued member.
Membership Benefit #6

Member Exclusive Tutorials, Tutorials, and More Tutorials.PLR Private Label Rights Monthly
We not only provide you with a MASSIVE PLR Package, we also provide you with a full range of text, audio, and video tutorials to help you launch your business to success.
If there is something you do not know about your brand new PLR business, we will teach you how to do it.
We will provide you with all of the following tutorials:

Insert Your Hyperlinks in the Best Way for the Ultimate Conversions.

Convert Your eBooks to PDF.

Edit and Upload Your Sales Pages to Your Auction Sites and Web Space.

Zip and Upload Your eBooks.

And Much More..


Membership Benefit #7

Bonus Products Every Month. PLR Private Label Rights Monthly
We will provide you with bonus items and special deals on the most recent marketing products around. The bonuses could be a wide range of items from eBooks to software. Whatever we find useful to you, we will provide you with the content you need to make your marketing business a success. We have struck deal with some of the world biggest marketers to secure you some cool bonuses worth 1000's of Dollars.
These bonuses alone are worth the members fee!

Membership Benefit #8

PLR Private Label Rights MonthlySecured Membership For Valued Members.
Once you become a PLR Monthly member, you then become a valued member. You will receive any addtional updates, improvements and additions that we add at a later date with no extra charge. This is our way of saying 'Thank You' for being a valued member of PLR Monthly.

Did you know that most people go online to look for information? They crave it. Everyday millions of people are logging on looking for information on all kinds of topics as well as solutions to problems they face.

Imagine how much money you could make if you could provide the information and answers for their needs and problems?

You can easily save yourself the hassle, headache and expense of trying to create your own products and let PLR Monthly do it all for you. It is time to evaluate your situation and ditch the 40 hour week for an additional online income that you can build with your PLR material. The more you build your business the more you will reap the rewards, the more time you have to do the things YOU want to do.

Stop and think for a moment!... This time tomorrow you could have your own individual products making you money, building your list, providing an affiliate income, expanding your newsletter and building blog subscribers all for a few hours work.
It's time to take it to the next level.

Using Your PLR to Convert Articles and Drive Traffic.
We will show you utilize your PLR material to the max, by converting into articles and using them to generate loads of traffic. We show you some of our biggest secrets that make this REALLY simple!

Converting Your PLR to Audio for Your Readers/Subscribers.
We will show you how to very simply convert your PLR material into audio and how your readers and subscribers can best benefit from this. This is very simple and it gives you another format to earn from.

Using Your PLR Material for Blog Posts.
We will show you exactly how to make the best use of your PLR material in blog posts. This is excellent if you are struggling for time and still want to provide quality content.

Secret Methods of Using Your PLR to Create an eCourse.
We will show you all our top secret methods of how you can use your PLR material to create an eCourse, a very simple yet often overlooked technique.

How To Choose a Profitable Domain Name and Niche.
It's easy to go ahead and pick any old domain name and niche, we'll show you how you can do the research you need in order to find the most profitable domain names and niches.

Changing Your Blog Theme and Adding Custom Graphics.
We will show you how to very simply change your blog theme to a great one, we'll show you how to edit it and how to very simply add custom graphics to it.

Creating Posts, Adding Pages and Adding Custom Graphics.
We will show you the fastest and simplest way to add new pages and posts to your new niche targeted blog and also how you can customize your pages and posts with custom graphics.

Everything You Need To Know About Niche Blog Plugins.
We will show you everything that you need to know about all the best and most essential plugins that are needed for your new niche targeted blog.

How to Upload Your PLR eBooks to Kindle.
We will show you how you can get your PLR ebooks onto the Kindle store, very simply and very quickly, this can be a VERY powerfull tool. This video training alone is worth the upgrade to gold!

Create an Information Powerhouse Newsletter.
We will show you how you can create an information powerhouse newsletter from your PLR content, we will also show you how to integrate this into aweber and your blog, giving you multiple opportunities to earn cash and subscribers.

Using PLR to Create a Physical Book.
We will show you how you can utilize your PLR to the max, by creating a physical book that you can sell on Amazon and eBay etc. This is a lot simpler than you may think, and we show you exactly what you need to do, step by step.

Using Blogger and Wordpress for Traffic.
We will show you how you can grab some excellent traffic from Wordpress and Blogger, this is an excellent free method to generate some massive traffic.

Monetizing With AdSense and Adding Aweber.
We'll show you our BEST methods of monetizing your brand new niche targeted blog in many different ways, we'll also show you the best ways to utilize AdSense and the most powerful list building methods. After you complete this you will have an automated list building funnel, plus an additional income stream.


Are you ready to increase your business model and make an additional income stream INSTANTLY?

Think of it this way, for the price you pay for LIFETIME Membership, you could sell just ONE of your PLR Monthly products and make your money back, sell two products and you are in the profit zone.
This is how confident we are in PLR Monthly and the tools we provide for you. It's your choice!

Yes, you get Lifetime Membership.

YES, you will get LIFETIME Membership for a Single One-off Payment.

YES, once you have made this payment you will never have to pay anything again... EVER! Even when we upgrade and add on many additional items in the future, you will NEVER have anything more to pay... EVER!

YES Dave and Dan, I understand that by placing a secure order today, I'll have Immediate Access to PLR Monthly!

Get Everything Listed on This Page For an
Unbelievable One-Off Payment of ONLY:


Payments are made through ClickBank, a secure online retailer.

As soon as you have purchased, we will send you your login details instantly,
please check your email for login details.
You will then be directed to your downloads.

Thank you for your interest in PLR Monthly, from Dave and Daniel, we wish you all the best in your future business ventures.


Remember, when you join PLR Monthly you then become a Valued PLR Monthly Member, we have a huge tutorial database which will help you every step of the way. There is nothing we haven’t covered, from beginner to expert it’s all here for you right now!.

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